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Why Companies Should Hire a Coach
for Their Management Team

As a key corporate administrator, you understand the value of a professional management team who can keep in the forefront the corporate mission, while dispatching the many responsibilities in each department to keep the company viable and growing.

Your top managers have a vested interest in making "the system" work, and most pride themselves in the roles you have entrusted to them. Oftentimes, however, organizational barriers occur, and managers find themselves overloaded with departmental duties, organizational change, administrative tasks, as well as dealing with difficult employees and clients, and their own feelings of stress, and perhaps the potential of burn out.

The ability to raise the performance of your staff and motivate them to achieve your long- term goals is integral to being a good administrator/manager.

Coaching is the art of improving the performance of others. Adding a coach to your team helps deal with immediate problems, is a constructive way to interact with your staff, and helps facilitate long-term personal development in employees.

Carole Landis is a professional coach who helps business administrators bring out the potential of their staff. Her coaching process closes the gap between the individual or team's present level of performance and the desired one. She supports female and male managers in motivating and developing staff, promoting initiative, self-responsibility, and self-awareness. Her focus in working with companies is:

  • Improving communication skills
  • Developing self discipline and emotional control - staying calm and productive under pressure
  • Refining conflict management skills
  • Maintaining and projecting credibility, composure, and confidence
  • Strengthening leadership

Successful businesses depend on outstanding leadership. Top performers are distinguished by their self-awareness, self-motivation, self-regulation, and ability to influence others. It is these qualities, coined "Emotional Intelligence" by researcher Daniel Goleman, that determine the success of a company - more than academic learning, degrees, or previous skills experience.

Hiring a coach is a win-win. Your managers improve their focus, stretch their organizational goals, develop self awareness of their strengths, learn how to inspire and empower staff, and feel a sense of importance and purpose in the growth of your business. You benefit in maintaining your company's success as a result of developing good leadership.

Developing Relationships in a Business Setting
  1. Improving Communication Skills
  2. Developing Self Discipline and Emotional Control
  3. Strengthening Conflict Management Skills
  4. Maintaining and Projecting Credibility, Composure, and Confidence
  5. Managing Leadership

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