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Developing Relationships in a Business Setting

I. Strengthening Conflict Management Skills

  • Recognize how constructively managed conflict can improve relationships to create positive change
  • Achieve mutual understanding by giving non-accusatory feedback. Learn how to benefit from valid feed back
  • Become aware of how you show anger, and accept responsibility for your anger. Learn how to respond to others' anger and emotions
  • Develop the ability to negotiate issues in ways that help everybody win
  • Learn how to separate the two sides of every conflict - people and issues - and deal with each effectively

II. Improving Communication Skills

  • Develop the ability to deliver messages to your employees with diplomacy
  • Learn to listen attentively. Seek to understand, then be understood
  • Become aware of how your nonverbal cues and verbal communication signal your feelings, attitudes, level of self-confidence

III. Developing Self Discipline: Maintaining Credibility, Composure, and Confidence

  • Learn to stay calm and productive under pressure
  • Adapt to workplace changes (even those that are difficult to accept) through the strategy of resilience
  • Achieve the ability to respond rather than react
  • Develop the steady self control necessary to present your point of view professionally and deal with conflict positively
  • Break self-defeating behaviors, such as disorganization, procrastination, impulsive decision-making, that interfere with managerial and departmental goals.

IV. Managing Leadership

  • Discover how to empower and motivate your employees through encouragement-acknowledgements versus compliments
  • Develop the ability for setting boundaries; staying loyal to the "inner circle" of influence
  • Practice the art of situational leadership: learn to adapt the management style to fit the employee
  • Learn how to set clear consistent goals. Hold your employees accountable in a way that engenders trust and confidence

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