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Creating a Healthy Work Environment

We are a team here. We sink or swim together.

When problems arise, we problem solve. We don't blame.

When conflicts occur, we narrow the gap by building on what we do agree on,
We don't widen the gap by choosing sides.

We take responsibility when we mess up. We apologize here.

We talk with each other. Not about each other.

We stay focused on the project deliverable, and giving the project what it needs, and avoid getting stuck in "ego"-centered opinions.

We value differing viewpoints. Everybody's opinion counts here. We are busy.
But we take time to listen.

We seek to understand, then be understood. We don't question the credibility of those who see things differently. (Covey)

We assume best intention, no matter what the outcome--innocent until proven guilty.

We may choose to condemn a behavior, but we will not chose to condemn the person for making a mistake in behavior.

We see mistakes as lessons. We are growing here. Growth is a process of experimentation. Failed experiments are part of the process. Without mistakes, there can be no growth.

We choose not to hold grudges. We are good people, trying to make the right choices. Nobody's perfect, and we don't expect them to be.

We seek win/win. We explore options in an attempt to find a mutually satisfying solution. (Covey) Our voices and wisdom are reflected in the changes made here.

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