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Depositions, litigation, pretrial preparation, Master's hearings, court pleas for restraining orders, and testimony before the court are all in a day's work for an attorney. For the client, however, it can be an unfamiliar, bewildering, anxiety-producing experience.

Carole Landis, M.S.S., specializes in coaching clients to present their needs in court and before others in position of authority-clearly, convincingly, and with confidence. Helping a client to understand what is expected in a civil or criminal proceeding, followed by role-play practice, helps someone being coached to:

  1. Focus on the current moment - how you present yourself here and now.
  2. Articulate what you and your attorney believe is important to your case.
  3. Feel comfortable with the strategy that you and your attorney have agreed upon.
  4. Become more self-aware of your own insight and skills, to develop your confidence and your resolve.

The process of coaching includes dialogue and mutual feedback, and most importantly, confidentiality.

Carole works with your attorney to help bring out the best in you, so that you can appear more credible and sincere before legal decision-makers. As your coach, Carole will be guided by your attorney's insight to listen, observe, encourage, and guide you to your most effective presentation of facts. By raising your sense of competence and self-confidence, you and your attorney have a better opportunity to gain the court's favorable attention.


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