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Why Attorneys Should Add A Coach To Their Team

As an attorney, you know that you do the best you can to prepare your clients for depositions, testimony, litigation, and court. However, with the demands of providing legal consultation, together with the additional role of "therapist," most attorneys wish they had extra time to teach their clients presentation and communication skills, so that their clients can appear credible, authentic, and sincere.

Unfortunately, your case can be severely compromised if your clients do not make a credible presentation before the legal decision-makers. Those clients who are usually anxious, tense, depressed or angry, mistrusting, and/or generally intimidated by the legal process, need reassurance that you are working in their best interests, and that they can have some control over how they present themselves, when under pressure.

Here's where a personal coach can work together with you, the attorney, toward a common goal of empowering the client to appear in the best way she/he can. Carole Landis specializes in coaching clients to present their needs in court, and before others in a position of authority - clearly, convincingly, and with confidence. As a coach, she:

  • Guides the client through the lawyer's strategies, helping her/him internalize where you want her to be.
  • Focuses on the present - how your client presents here and now.
  • Assists the client in articulating her case more effectively, by reframing her thoughts and beliefs.
  • Encourages the client to focus on the main theme, through role play.
  • Helps the client refine mannerisms; trouble-shoot; and build on the client's strengths.

So, coaching creates a win-win situation. Your client presents with more self-confidence, is more articulate, stays focused on the pertinent issues and your common goal, and knows that, no matter what the outcome, you both did the best that you could for her case.


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