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How Does Coaching Work? * *

Coaching sessions occur once a week, and they typically last 25 to 35 minutes. For clients dealing with urgent dilemmas, interim support is offered in between sessions with brief phone calls and/or E-mail.

As the client, you are asked to complete a brief profile, where you identify your goals and time frames for the desired outcomes The coach works with you in helping you examine the reality, feasibility, and need for these goals.

The coach will often ask you to try out new ideas, or behaviors, as "hands-on field work" for the week in between sessions. How effectively you progress and processes the coaching, depends on your willingness to accomplish small, goal-oriented tasks in between sessions. The coach will at times suggest books, articles, learning programs, and other resources that will support you with your success.

The number of months is up to you. Folks generally work with a coach from three to six months to receive the support during a time of change. Some choose to have an ongoing relationship with their coach, and after they have achieved their goals, check in several times a month.


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