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"For the past few months, Carole Landis has been my professional coach. What a difference she has made in my life! She has inspired me when I felt unmotivated; she has provided a fountain of rich ideas that never occurred to me; she has prodded me when I was reluctant; she has applauded my successes; she has soothed me when the struggle had become too difficult; she has encouraged me to undertake projects that I wasn't sure I could handle; she has taught me how to congratulate myself on a job well done before moving onto the next challenge."
D.G., Acupuncturist

"I have had the good fortune to have Carole Landis as my coach. I turned to Carole for guidance when a volatile situation happened at my workplace where my credibility and work performance where challenged. She became my rock, being supportive, accessible, and helping me deal with the reality of the circumstances. Her manner of presentation was clear, to the point, and her intuition and assessment of the politics involved was right on point. Carole kept me grounded, helped me keep my self esteem (some what) intact, and with her encouragement, I felt confident enough to take some risk and pursue another position. Her assistance has been invaluable to me."
S.S., Marketing Director, Geriatric Residential Facility

"I am a 43-year old professional who recently began working with a life coach. Although I have had some professional achievements, I had not been accustomed to "thinking big" in life. My pattern, often times, was to play it safe, especially if presented with new opportunities that might stretch my abilities. I would feel intimidated and back off, never discovering if it might have been a fabulous life-changing experience for me.  Since working with Carole Landis, my life coach, I have experienced many positive changes in my life. For example, I applied for a teaching position at a prestigious college. This was something that I could never imagine would be available to me.  I was nervous and scared; however, my coach and I developed a plan of action and I was offered teaching positions to teach a variety of courses at not only one, but two well-known colleges, where I will remain on staff for a second academic year! "
B.R., Adjunct Professor, Philadelphia-area Colleges

"Carole has helped me to not only zero in on the things that were most important to me, but her creative approach helped me find ways to devote to them.  I also discovered through the process, that what appeared to be a large obstacle to reaching a specific goal, was in fact not as unmanageable as first thought.  Carole helped me break it down into smaller goals to reach the desired outcome.

K.L., Assistant Vice President, National Bank

"Carole's background as a psychotherapist gives her the insight to truly understand her clients and approach problems on a very deep level. She can lead a client through role playing, and knows how to provide constructive feedback in the process. Her corporate background, and years as a marketing communications manager, enables her to help a client visualize and create the appropriate plan for building a business. And she then helps the person to implement and monitor the results of the plan."

D.R., former Public Relations Consultant

"Working with Carole has been a rewarding experience. She helped me to see aspects of my personal and professional life from a from a very different perspective. She helped me discover that I am worthy and capable of defining and having the things that I need to create an extraordinary life for myself."

N.C., Forensic Scientist

"Carole has helped me identify some of my needs that are blocking me from creating a full and meaningful life.  I am much too concerned about gaining the approval of others, which causes me to focus on pleasing them instead of myself.  Coaching is helping me see that people-pleasing has not helped me gain anything but frustration.  Life coaching is helping me realize that the only person I can please is myself.  I am enjoying this experience because I am finding out about who I am and what I need to make my life more fulfilling.  Carole works around my schedule and is professional and caring."

L.M.C., Trust Officer, National Bank

"Carole is wonderful at keeping track of your needs and progress, and for helping you to get more out of yourself than you believed possible. I highly recommend her to anyone who truly wants to succeed in his or her professional or personal life."

C.W., Voiceover Professional

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