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President, Polaris Life Coaching, LLC


Carole Landis is a personal life coach and licensed psychotherapist. She motivates stressed and overwhelmed male and female professionals to clear the obstacles that prevent them from feeling successful in all aspects of their lives. She provides professional services for clients facing dilemmas related to relationships, personal interactions in the workplace, and professional achievements - including coaching women and men business leaders/executives facing stressful situations.

Her insight and client sensitivity come from 30 years in both corporate and healthcare-centered venues, where she honed her professional skill -building in marketing communications, management, sales, consulting, clinical social work, counseling, training, and coaching. Her foundation is supported by Master Degrees from both Arcadia University and Bryn Mawr College Graduate School of Social Work and Social Research.

Carole's coaching framework has evolved from her training with master certified coaches from CoachVille.

This broad variety of experience provides Carole with a wellspring for coaching clients to:

  • Gain new insights and skills to manage and meet new challenges, and set better goals
  • Boost self confidence /competency at developing strategies to handle difficult situations
  • Discover more effective communication skills as a bridge to resolution

As a relationship therapist, Carole provides a safe platform of compassion, support, and insight to individuals, couples and families facing transition, loss, trauma, anxiety and depression, and internal family conflict/turmoil.

Carole is chairwoman of the Carole Landis Foundation for Social Action, a nonprofit that supports sustainable programs that fight hate, hunger and human trafficking.

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