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What is Coaching? * *

Coaching is a positive approach to getting what you want - the successful outcomes you seek in life situations. When we are not getting what we want, we may not be aware that we are repeating the same strategies, which keep missing the mark.

Whether the struggle is with relationships, personal interactions at work, or professional achievements, a coach can help clear obstacles that get in the way of your success. Coaching is a process where someone guides you, motivates you, and trains you to win at your "game."

Just as sailors and explorers have traditionally depended on the North Star to guide them when they were off-course, a coach can help you find direction and help navigate you back on track when you are at an impasse with your goals. A coach can also help you explore new ways to sharpen your existing skills.

A coach is a trusted ally, an advocate, a professional confidante who...

  • Focuses on the present - what you exhibit here and now;
  • Examines your potential abilities and builds on your strengths;
  • Supports you in achieving what is important to you;
  • Assists you in analyzing your options and discovering solutions that are comfortable for you to apply to your situation;
  • Guides you in thinking through strategies to get you where you want to be;
  • Encourages your self-awareness, and helps you gain new insights and skills

A coach raises your sense of competence in decision-making and motivates you to accomplish what is essential and meaningful to you.

A coach wants to bring out the best in you, and share her/his expertise and insights. The process includes dialogue, mutual feedback, and, most importantly ...confidentiality.

There is nothing new or "trendy" about coaching. Coaches have helped actors learn new dialects for their roles. For decades, "doulas" have coached women or couples, providing emotional support during the birthing of their babies.

As work and leisure "downtime" have become more complex, people with special knowledge, ability, or insight have continued to help others develop proficiencies, in everything from literacy to flying, and from weight loss to weight training. On a professional level, coaches have mobilized chairmen of boards, and CEO's. They have sharpened clients' skill building for careers, as well as performance in the arts and sports.

In fact, we frequently associate coaching with athletics. And, just as good coaching is pivotal to an Olympian's or sports team's success, life coaching is playing an increasingly large role in people's personal lives. Successful people are discovering that coaching for life effectiveness enhances their skills and abilities in relationships and careers, and better enables them to live in the world with purpose and confidence.


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