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How the Coach Supports the Corporate Administrator
in Developing Managers


  • Provide a perspective of the manager's strengths as well as behaviors/attitude that could pose as potential mine fields
  • Maintain for the manager the positive energy and corporate culture created by corporate administration
  • Provide validation/encouragement/recognition from administration to the manager on improved performance and initiatives
  • Feedback with administration, to trouble-shoot and analyze ways in keeping the manager focused
  • Motivate the manager to move beyond reluctance to behavior change
  • Maintain the plan/strategy created by the administrator to keep employee on course

How the Coach Champions the Manager


  • Provide training for the manager in new approaches to giving constructive feedback and receiving feedback through solid communication skills
  • Reinforce active listening skills as a means to understand, then be understood
  • Guide the manager in projecting credibility, composure
  • Motivate the manager to improve performance through skill-building, including self confidence
  • Harness emotions, through self -awareness, self -regulation
  • Reinforce meaning and importance of manager's role as a means of motivation
  • Foster resilience as a means of maintaining motivation in the face of adversity
  • Exhibit understanding, empathy, and respect for the manager's vulnerability, while preserving and reinforcing the dignity of the manager

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